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Legal Business Advisers is lawyers firm with ample experience in the Republic of Panama. Our firm is comprised by lawyers and inter-disciplinary professionals, which allows us to offer legal and integral counseling that your personal or commercial interests require, both, at the national and international level.

Within  our firm you may find a team of lawyers at your service, that shall offer you assistance in subjects such as:


  • Corporate Law

  • Banking Law

  • ​​Civil Processes

  • Tax Law   

  • ​Labor Law                                

  • Social security/ Payroll

  • Family Law

  • Immigration

  • Agreements

  • Intellectual Property

The solidity that our experience grants is not something easily acquired, our lawyers are experts and highly classified in many disciplines and for this reason we can assure you that we have and excellent team of consulting professional at your service.

Legal Business Advisers Publicacioes


Oficinas Principales:​​

Via Ricardo J. Alfaro, The Century Tower, Piso 4, Oficina 402, Panamá, Apartado Postal: 0843-02456
Tel:   (507) 203-3820  
​​​​Fax:  (507) 203-3821

Email: info@lba4.com