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Fiscal Printers

The project, which regulates the use of fiscal printers , which began to be used from 1 October and gradually was approved Wednesday in the third debate by the plenary of the National Assembly.

These regulations amending Act 76 of 1976 , Act 34 of 2008 and Act 62 of 2010 , relating to fiscal measures.

According to the Minister of Economy and Finance, Alberto Vallarino, fiscal printers will take effect for the provinces of Cocle, Colon and Chiriqui from November 1, 2011; Herrera, Los Santos, Veraguas and Bocas del Toro on December 1, while in Darien and Counties in January 2012.

The initiative of the Executive recognizes a tax credit of up B/.850 . 00 for taxpayers whose annual sales do not exceed the sum of B /. 36,000 for purchasing these machines , according to the schedule of implementation of this law.

They are exempt from using tax printers , farmers with annual gross taxable income is less than 250 thousand dollars; the transfer of real estate and movable property to be held in public record or memorandum; services of national public passenger transport by land, air and sea; operations and services generally made ​​by banks and other financial institutions; operations performed by the Stock Exchanges authorized to operate in Panama.

The amendments to the Act added a paragraph that indicates fines ranging from one dollar or 7% of the value of the goods, to buyers that by leaving the shop, do not have the invoice or equivalent issued by the fiscal equipment.


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